• Help us make a difference and raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia

Help us make a difference and raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia

Help us make a difference and raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia

Next year sees 25 years since Michelle started fighting Ovarian Cancer. In support of Ovarian Cancer Australia she will participate in the Teal Outback Trek being held in May 2020 out of Alice Springs.  Having worked with Michelle and her employee Advanced Precast for many years AusTech Saw & Tooling are working to support her in reaching her goal to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia.  Michelle says, 

"I'm trying to make a difference and support Ovarian Cancer Australia - a cause I really care about.  I’m looking for support from everyone to help me to achieve the $50,000 goal I have set for myself.  This is a very ambitious amount but Ovarian Cancer receives very little funding and doesn’t have much of a voice. The mortality rate is extremely high due to no test being available to diagnose the disease, which means the diagnosis is usually very advanced when it is finally found.  Ovarian cancer is known as the 'silent killer' as the symptoms don't present themselves until the disease is advanced.  I was stage 111C when I was diagnosed back in 1996 at the age of 34.   I was told I would be lucky to survive 2 1/2 years and no longer than 5 years, which is the case for the majority of ovarian cancer sufferers.  My battle has been hard and at times very scary which is why I am doing all I can to raise funds and awareness to support Ovarian Cancer Australia."

In 2016 Michelle had run out of options as she was either allergic to or became immune to the drugs available.  Her Oncologist mentioned another option 'Keytruda' but at $100,000 she simply couldn't afford it.  After reaching out to family, friends, work associates and a number of organisations who really dug deep, Michelle was able to start the treatment.  The money raised is held in the Chicks Conquering Cancer trust and continues to fund her medication. 

Michelle asks that we support her in raising funds for the charity Ovarian Cancer Australia, the leading organisation taking action for Australians affected by ovarian cancer. They are committed to saving lives and supporting women through: providing specialised supports for women living with ovarian cancer, facilitating high-impact research to improve outcomes for women, and raising awareness on a national scale to ensure every Australian knows ovarian cancer.

In total Michelle will be walking approximately 65 Kilometres of the Larapinto Trail, over it's most scenic sections.  The average daily distance will be between 12-16 kilometres and Michelle will be continuing with her medication throughout the trip.

Together, we can make a difference.

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