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    We offer a FREE pickup and delivery service for all our industrial customers from the Gympie to Ballina*.  If you are located outside of these regions feel free to courier your blades to us and we will get them back to you in good time.  Alternatively, we have a sharpening counter located at our head office on the Gold Coast where you can drop any sharpening or repairs to us.  
    *conditions apply. Call us on 1300 117 012 for details

    The life of your blade is determined by what you are cutting, how often and the maintenance of your blade.  Your blade might be too worn to sharpen, in which case we have a vast range of products you can choose a replacement from.  Our team have a combined 100 + years of experience in tool sharpening and guarantee you the sharpest cut!

    Professional care and maintenance are key to effective and productive use of your carbide or high-speed steel circular saw blades.  We offer a high-quality saw sharpening service from our qualified and experienced team.   As leaders in the tooling industry, we have invested in the best machinery on the market to get you the sharpest cut. 

    Whether sharpening or repairing, our VOLLMER machines effortlessly master even the most demanding sharpening tasks.  The blades are sharpened overnight allowing us to slow down the process ensuring a high-quality finish. In order to get the best result, we use filtered oil for lubrication and high-quality diamond wheels for grinding. 

    Whether you are machining metal, wood, lightweight or highly abrasive materials – PCD and carbide rotary tools such as drills and milling cutters are indispensable in many industrial sectors. The sharpening process plays a pivotal role in their performance and operating life as well as achieving outstanding quality.   

    • TCT Saw Blades
    • Cold Saw Blades
    • Rota Broach Cutters
    • TCT Rota Broach Cutters
    • Chipper Knives
    • Planer Blades
    • Granulator Blades
    • Hedge Trimmers
    • Hand Saws
    • Compression Spirals
    • Finishing Spirals
    • Roughing Spirals
    • Router Bits
    • Chainsaws
    • Mill Saw
    • Lucas Saw
    • Annular Cutters
    • Punch & Dies
    • Pipe Dies
    • Step Drills
    • Large Drill Bits
    • Bandsaws
    • Countersinks
    • Axes
    • Hand Planers
    • Miller Blades
    • Hole Saws
    • Kitchen Knives
    • Drill Bits
    • Tenon Saws
    • Profile Knives
    • Guillotines
    • Circular Knives
    • Hydraulic Hose Cutter
    • Miter Knives
    • Scraper Blades
    • Fein Blades
    • Scissors
    • Secateurs
    • Multi Cutters
    • Spot Weld Cutters
    • Taps
    • Slot Drills
    • End Mills
    • Pruning Saws 
    • Slot Cutter
    • Milling Cutters
    • Vent Cutters
    • Boring
    • Pin Holes
    • Spade Bits
    • Auger Bits
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