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We recognise that non for-profit organisations in our local community need the help and support of as many local businesses and people of the general public as possible.  In partnering with these local organisations, we have offered our services in the form of free sharpening, technical and tooling support. We strive to support the development of our local community as we believe it is important to support each other. 
If any Gold Coast businesses have any old or unwanted tools or materials that could be of benefit to these non-for-profit organisations, please reach out and donate.

Nerang Men’s Shed


231 Beaudesert Nerang Road, Nerang


Oxenford Men's Shed


18 Oberon Way, Oxenford


The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) is the peak body supporting almost 1000 Men’s Sheds and is recognised as one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations. It was founded on the principle of sharing information between sheds and those communities wishing to establish and operate a Men’s Shed. It acts as a central hub for information exchange.

Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive, contributing to your community, connecting with friends, and maintaining an active body and mind. Becoming a member of a Men’s Shed provides a safe and busy environment where men can find many of these things in an atmosphere of old-fashioned mateship. And, importantly, there is no pressure. Men can just come and have a yarn and a cuppa if that is all they are looking for.

Members of Men’s Sheds come from all walks of life – the bond that unites them is that they are men with time on their hands and would like something meaningful to do with that time. A good Men’s Shed has a Management Committee that has developed a safe and happy environment where men are welcome to work on community projects, specific Men’s Shed projects, or a project of their choice in their own time and where the only ‘must’ is to observe safe working practices…. all in a spirit of mateship. The Men’s Shed movement has now become one of the most powerful tools in addressing health and wellbeing and helping men to once again become valued and productive members of our community.

Veterans, Volunteers & Friends Workshop Nerang


18 Leagues Club Drive, Nerang


The objectives of the Vietnam Veterans Support Group are to assist members and their dependants in cases where a member or a child of a member has, or appears to have, any disability which is or in any way may relate to special service rendered by a member in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

The relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution, or helplessness to persons who are recognisably in need of relief.

To fulfil our objectives without purpose of private gain for particular reasons.

To establish and conduct our objectives for the benefit of Veterans, their families and dependant and past or present members of the Armed Services, and their dependants.

The relief is available without discrimination to any Veterans, their families, and dependants and past or present members of the Armed Service and their dependants.

To promote and assist the development of all aspects of the welfare of members who are serving personnel or ex-service personnel in pursuing any objectives which are now or hereinafter may be deemed to be charitable.

To supervise, up-skill and mentor long term unemployed people within the community with a view to their gaining future employment.

To accept volunteers from the community who may be able to provide valuable advice and experience to members in the operation of the workshop.

To raise funds by conducting sausage sizzles, raffles, boot sales and other acceptable means to enable the workshop to remain operational.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD


Currumbin Wildlife Hospital


27 Millers Drive, Currumbin QLD


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been conserving native wildlife and nurturing the local indigenous heritage for over 70 years. This regional treasure has also been educating and entertaining families and tourists from all across the globe. But over the decades, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has, more importantly, served as a haven to a myriad of native Australian animals — big, small, flourishing, and endangered.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry for each animal in their care. They strive for positive welfare states in each animal by providing conditions for animals to thrive - not just physically, but also psychologically and socially.

In 2018 Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary saw over half a million visitors within the park and their Wildlife Hospital treated over 11,000 native Australian animals. With increasing pressure on the environment, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is committed to using their platform to support and promote local, state, national and international conservation initiatives. As conservation ambassadors and educators they recognise that they have a responsibility to ensure the highest welfare standards. As a reflection of their commitment, they will also ensure that animal welfare underpins all aspects of our strategic plans and daily operations.

How can you help?

We ask that if you have any old, unwanted tools or materials that could be of benefit to these non-to-profit organisations please reach out and donate. We can assist by delivering anything donated on your behalf, providing we have the resource, and you are located within our scheduled run cycles. 

If you have anything to donate, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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