• Wood Chipping Knives

Wood Chipping Knives

Wood Chipping Knives

The next generation of wood chippers "WILDFIRE" technology has been developed by an Australian company to meet the demanding and unique hardwood timbers in the Austrlian market. 
The new blade technology has been developed and refined to a premium product by working with local chipper manufactuars. 

The steel used in the manufacturing of the "WILDFIRE" chippers is of a specific grade sourced from leading European steel mills
The "WILDFIRE" chippers offer the following

Superior longevity and performance 

Ourperform other chippers by a factor of 3 to 1.

Designed forAustrlian hardwoods 

Manufactured from specific chipper rade steel.

Offer a wide range of stock for all commonly used chippers in the Austrlian market.

Custom made orders to suit special machines. 
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