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                           To suit all applications - Varied tooth configuration - Varied quality - Size variations of 100mm - 800mm


Whether you’re ripping several thousand board metres of timber, mitering fine mouldings or cutting hardwood veneered plywood, will have the wood cutting saw blade for the job.

Having the best wood cutting blade is critical for efficient production which leads to your success. Even the best quality sawing machines will underperform if they are not fitted with the correct wood cutting blades for the specific application at hand. We are the market leaders in pruning saws for roadside vegetation control and hedging machines for citrus, nut and olive groves.

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We offer quality aluminium saw blades suited for your everyday cutting needs.

These blades are used for cutting aluminium billets in the intense heat of the aluminium smelters to the most delicate aluminium extrusion in the industrial and building industry.

An aluminium saw blade is ground with a triple chip tooth configuration giving you faster cutting with less friction. When used with aluminium saw lube they produce an incredibly smooth finish. Perfect for sawing non-ferrous metal in extruded, flat and solid sections an aluminium cutting blade under certain conditions will cut the following materials:

  • Lead
  • Plastic such as PVC Plastic or Pipes
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass


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