• Diamond Needle File 5pc Kit DF 4205 D 91

Diamond Needle File 5pc Kit DF 4205 D 91

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Diamond Needle File 5pc Kit DF 4205 D 91

Diamond needle file sets are supplied in a sturdy plastic wrap. D91 GRIT

Contents DF 4205:
1 piece each
DF 4112 (Hand)
DF 4132 (Three square)
DF 4142 (Square)
DF 4152 (Half-round)
DF 4162 (Round)

Diamond needle files are designed for general use in tool making. Diamond needle files in extra slim design are particularly suitable for work on hard-toreach contours.

Diamond files are used successfully for tasks where conventional files fail down due to the hardness of the material to be worked on.

Recommendations for use:
- Apply only slight pressure to the file, especially in workpiece edge areas.
- Loaded diamond files can be cleaned in kerosene or anti-static plastic cleaner with a file brush. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaning is also possible. Often it will suffice to knock the file against a hard object.
- Avoid contact with grease when using files!

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