• Riffler File 5pc Kit DF 1624 D 126

Riffler File 5pc Kit DF 1624 D 126

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Riffler File 5pc Kit DF 1624 D 126

Diamond needle file sets are supplied in a sturdy plastic box. D126 GRIT

1 piece each
DF 16 (Crossing oval)
DF 18 (Hand)
DF 20 (Square)
DF 22 (Three square)
DF 24 (Round)

Diamond needle files are designed for general use in tool making. Diamond needle files in extra slim design are particularly suitable for work on hard-toreach contours.

Diamond files are used successfully for tasks where conventional files fail down due to the hardness of the material to be worked on.

Recommendations for use:
- Apply only slight pressure to the file, especially in workpiece edge areas.
- Loaded diamond files can be cleaned in kerosene or anti-static plastic cleaner with a file brush. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaning is also possible. Often it will suffice to knock the file against a hard object.
- Avoid contact with grease when using files!

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