• Investing in state of the art technology

Investing in state of the art technology

Investing in state of the art technology

AusTech Saw & Tooling continually strive to offer a premium tool sharpening service for our customers.  In order to keep up to date with modern sharpening techniques we have recently invested in a brand new Loroch sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering cold saw machine.

Loroch GmbH evolved from a craft business founded in Heidelberg in 1899 into a modern, efficient and globally active industrial company.  Their product range includes simple manual machines as well as fully automatic Service Centres for all areas of application for sharpening circular saw blades and band saws.

The solution K 850-T is the ideal CNC controlled saw sharpening machine for fully automatic machining of metal-cutting circular saws – easily integrated in a multi-machine shop set-up such as ours.  The machine can automatically grind the chamfers after re-sharpening or re-toothing of saws.  An additional saw support device at the grinding point ensures completely symmetrical chamfering even on blades that are not perfectly straight.

The K850T utilizes direct drive grinding technology to provide maximum performance while eliminating vibrations.

Our workshop operations manager Shaun O'Neill says "we are continually looking into new products and techniques to improve the quality of our sharpening service.  We only use the highest quality materials and our team have a combined 100+ years of experience in sharpening positioning us as industry leaders Australia wide".

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