• Why choose the Fast Blue brand?

Why choose the Fast Blue brand?

Why choose the Fast Blue brand?

BRC Cabinets has been servicing the Brisbane, North Coast, South Coast and the Redlands for over 20 years.  They specialise in creating individual cabinetry of extremely high quality and manufacture everything themselves with a guarantee of the upmost quality.

We met with Jerry Wright, their workshop foreman to discuss how we can help to improve productivity in the manufacturing process without impacting the quality of their work.  After learning that they were getting 3-4 hundred cuts out of their CNC tooling we advised and supplied them with our range of Fast Blue compression cutters. 

This tooling range is made here in Australia, ground by premium tool manufacturers using only the best quality machines.  From here they are sent to be coated in a PVD coating based on AlTiN compounds structured in extremely thin crystals (supernitrides) that obtain layers with low internal tensions called TinAlox SN2.  The coating is designed for cutting tools that require a high wear resistance, low friction and an elevated oxidation resistance.

  The multiple benefits of the TinAlox SN2 coating means the tool lasts longer before needing to be sharpened or replaced.  The high hardness, wear resistance and excellent superficial finish that minimizes the cutting and friction efforts within the chip’s evacuation channels, means a longer tool life as well as a quality finish.  Designed to reflect heat and reduce wear when cutting materials with a high silica content the Fast Blue range has helped to improve the productivity of many of our customers including BRC Cabinets.

Jerry Wright says “Since using the Fast Blue brand I have gone from 3-4 hundred cuts, to up to 1000 before it needs sharpening.  We get 1 sharpen out of the tool so effectively get up to 2000 cuts out of the one tool saving us time and money.”


Understanding the fundamentals of CNC tooling can make a huge difference in your costs, productivity, and efficiency. Tool selection and the outside factors that affect tooling choice as well as other considerations can directly influence the machining cycle.

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